Monday, April 30, 2012

When it makes sense...

Sometimes you spend more up FRONT to save more money later.

Let me explain...

Yesterday we went to the Little Rock Zoo. This is our 2nd trip this year. It costs exactly $30.00 each time we go. (10 for each adult, 8 for kids, and 2 dollars to park). I did my research and found out that the family pass is $85 dollars for a YEAR! Already I had spent $30 for the year, but it made more sense for me to buy the family pass yesterday so that NOW, if we go one more time it's paid for itself. Make sense?

No, I wasn't super pumped about plopping down $85 bucks yesterday. $30 dollars sounded MUCH better to spend... but it made more SENSE!

Sometimes you HAVE to spend more upfront to save more.

SAM's--I am NOT a fan. My husband loves that place. It just gets on my nerves. BUT, there are things that he can save money on at Sam's and a few that I can. BUT there is that up front cost of buying the membership. Do your research. If the pass will not "pay for itself" in savings within that year, then DON'T get it!

Be smart. :)

that's my tip for the day!

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