Tuesday, November 8, 2011

You can get money for that too!

You can get cash advances these days for everything! I've never taken a cash advance but I know plenty of people that have.

one of my favorite tv shows ever is "Til Debt do us Part." That show is AWESOME! Gail is an amazing financial guru that has the BEST ideas at helping couples get out of debt. She goes through all the steps and it follows progress over a month on these couples. If they complete the tasks they are asked to do then they get 5k to help them pay down their debt. I've seen couples do AWESOME and win the money, and i've seen couples think she was nuts and get NOTHING. What a waste? They had such a great opportunity and they dwindled it away...

Anyway, my point is that she talks a lot about cash advances and the percentage rates that come with them. Now some times, you just have to do what you can do and I get that, but I encourage you to be smart.

You can get cash advances to pay bills, and I think some credit card companies offer these as well. Anyway, you can get cash advances to pay bail, for lawsuit cash advances, and money just to get by on. Look into it though...beware of the fees. If you can't get it paid back then don't do it, but if you are in need of some cash NOW then look into it but BE SMART!

Know your stuff. Knowledge really IS power.

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