Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm feeling good about Christmas

What about you? I'm feeling like I am on schedule and on top of things which is SUCH a good feeling.

remember--this year my husband and I agreed to only spend $50 dollars one each other AND the items had to be used OR bought at a consignment type shop. (Ex: he could buy be a shirt with tags on it that is technically new but has to buy it from a second-hand type shop). This definitly made Christmas more of a challenge but that was the point.

My point for this challenge:

spend more time searching for gifts that would make each other smile vs. running into a store and charging $100 bucks just to get it out of the way

save money this holiday season

have less STRESS during my favorite time of the year

not feel overwhelmed on Christmas morning

This may seem silly to you and that's ok. i'm okay with you feeling that way. Christmas is my fav time of year. no questions asked--hands down--I LIVE for some Christmas time!! But--it's always stressful shopping, overspending and then thinking you will worry with it later (later ALWAYS comes around). And then tehre is the whole challenge to try to spend about the same amount of money on each other so there can't be any suprises. I always LOVE what I get, but it's always a let down when its over. ya know what I mean? kinda like okay here, we did it. We went, we bought, we charged, we are in debt, and now we have to clean up this mess. I wanted to eliminate that.

Also, i'm so bad about going over board on Ava. Not that she doesn't deserve everything in the world b/c she DOES... but she has so many Christmases. She gets so much stuff EACH YEAR! And the very next day she will ask if we can go get a toy, or a treat. I want to control my child's wants, and if by making the festivities of Christmas a bigger deal then the present opening experience--maybe I can accomplish that. That's my plan anyway. That's my prayer.

So, i'm going through my list in my head of what all I have bought and i'm feeling so excited. I stayed within budget (except for well, a little bit over. But even then it was on something secondhand.) :)

I'm ready for the FUN of the holidays. Not the stress. I'm so ready. Yay!

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