Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Making it easy---taking your money?

I've said before that there is SO much we can all get caught up in! Everyone is looking for the "easy" way to do everything. Diet pills that are gonna make you lose weight over night. Colon cleanses that make you sit on the pot all week and make you skinny. The "Shake weight" that makes your arms look like a models with just 5 minutes a day. Shampoo that will make your hair grow at lightning speeds (tried that....didn't work). Electric can openers (b/c the kind you twist take SOOOOO long). Hair dryers that make you look like you are getting a face lift because the air is coming out SO fast and it ends up just matting up your hair.

No matter WHAT it is...we are ALL looking for that quick fix. Something to save money, something to save time...

Now i'm not saying there are not products out there that can't accomplish this. And they are not ALL over priced. But considering that you can buy products from cell phones that work on voice command to physical therapy billing that is light years ahead of what most of them use, the world is looking for ease, convience and moving saving tips.

How do you decide which ones work and which ones waste your time? It's hard, isn't it? i have invested in many things that I thought were gonna be awesome and then had to send a letter to the company DEMANDING my money back. Be smart about it.

I think the smartest thing you can do is research ALL of the products and services out there and weigh the product/service against the money and time you ACTUALLY save or spend.

Personally, I say buy a calendar and work your hardest to make TIME to do everything... like opening cans on your own. If you could squeeze in 3 more seconds you could save $30 bucks...just saying!

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