Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bargains on scrubs!

You know me... I am ALL about bargains, so I have to pass this one along.


Check out this website! Whether you are looking for lab coats, scrubs, green scrubs, pink scrubs, nurses scrubs, doctor scrubs... this site has it all! They also have accessories, scrubs hats and so much more!

This company has been around for a long time. They are trusted, reasonably priced and have more selection than any place around!

Whether you chose to have scrubs with prints, or to have some cool blue ones like the team on Grey's Anatomy... this is the place to go! :)

There are days i wish i had the luxury of wearing scrubs. Instead, I have to get up every single day and plan my outfits from head to toe! I love what I do and I do enjoy wearing different things but MAN OH MAN it would be nice to get to wake up and put some scrubs on! They look so comfy! :)

I know there are not a lot of scrub choices around here at least and I doubt there are many around the states so I wanted to pass this info along.

take the time to check out blueskyscrubs.com. Very cool website with LOTS of options!

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