Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Keeping track!

One of the hardest parts of living on less, making budgets, saving money, etc... is KEEPING TRACK OF IT! I try--i mean I write down my checks in the checkbook, I keep up with my receipts, yet somehow I ALWAYS struggle to keep up with everything like I should. There is always an extra bill I forgot about, or I forgot that I ran by Sonic... SOMETHING!

I've written before and asked my readers for tips on how to keep up with everything. I follow a ton of blogs just hoping to get all the right info. I've heard of several sites that you can use that will actually keep track of things for you but i've been leery of trying one of those. I finally found one that I love for personal use. it helps me keep up with EVERYTHING and actually links itself to my bank account so when I get on this site, it is 100% accurate! How nice! When I forget things I know I have a back up that will NEVER let me forget. :)

it comes in so handy but after talking with my husband about it we realized that it wouldn't keep up with his store expenses the same... so I went on the search!

Then I heard about outright.com. this is the handiest site that allows you to keep up with loans,bills, payments, expenses and more using a bookkeeping software! This software allows you to see if you are on track for taxes, how much you are spending, and can link everything together. This site allows you to know your BOTTOM line. What you are spending every month can be tracked by using outright.com.

If you own a small business and are struggling to keep all of your numbers together--then this is for you!

Enjoy! :)

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