Tuesday, December 6, 2011

When you HAVE to start over?

Every person in the world has had times in their life when they SO desired to press the reset button life. Or maybe just on a particular situation. BEEN THERE--done that. Did NOT want a t-shirt. We can switch jobs, make new friends, move, or change vehicles, but when it comes to finances it's just not that simple.

In today's hard economic times it's no suprise that bankruptcy numbers are up! When the economy goes down and people lose money and the things they used to throw away money on are no more--stress happens. Financial stress is one of the TOP reasons for divorce. Think about that for a second. Money can effect EVERYTHING. Not just your credit, or you ability or inability to shop or buy something, but it can take a toll on your marriage. On your family. On you.

If you are in a situation right now where you are looking for the reset button, then i encourage you to take a second to go through a credit counseling course. This may be something that has the BEST impact on you. Your financial situation may not be as bad as you were thinking, OR you may have been right all along. Pressing the reset button and filing bankcruptcy may be your best bet. I am not down on bankruptcy. Sometimes in life you HAVE to press that button even if it means facing consequences afterwards.

know your options. Feel confident about them. Do NOT let money and financial stress WRECK your life! Take control. Take a course that helps decide what is best for you!

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