Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Financially Responsible

Content by Sol Rosales

Being financially responsible wasn’t something I grew up learning how to do, unfortunately. When I graduated from college I had tons of credit card debt and student loans on top of it and I’m just now working my way out of that hole. I’ve been really responsible since I learned how to but man, what a change that was in my lifestyle. I looked into utility providers (who knew I had the power to choose?) to get the best rates and I talked to my landlord about coming down on rent. There were just so many ways to save a few bucks at a time that I eventually paid off most of my debt and I’ve been living on an all-cash budget since then. I don’t want to make the same mistakes or get myself into any trouble. I have a clean slate now and I’m working hard to build back up my credit so I can buy a house at some point, although that’s a long ways away. One can only dream about it!

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