Wednesday, December 14, 2011

When making a budget...

It's that time of year when make resolutions... AND it SHOULD also be the time of year that we focus on revamping our budgets!

When you are making your annual budget (i encourage weekly and monthly's as well to make sure you stay on track), you need to remember a few things!

1. Don't forget about credit cards. If you are sticking to your budget but using credit cards all the time then you HAVE to consider that. DON'T pat yourself on the back just yet... if you made the budget but credit cards are still covering every day costs then you need to re-vamp it...again!

2. Birthdays and holidays. You know that christmas rolls around every year JUST like your husbands birthday does... so BUDGET for that! Budgets are not meant to include only monthly bills with nothing extra attached to them. That's not the purpose.

3. Don't forget to save! It's GREAT if you are paying your bills on time and cutting back on exepenses but that does not give you a free card to spend all that extra money! The point is to get out of debt, then BUILD wealth and you can't build it if you spend every dime you make.

4. Don't foget ANYTHING! If you have to buy a new filter for the fridge once every 3 months, then budget for that! Dont let the little things escape your mind because they will also take your money with them!

There ya ready for that budget????

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