Saturday, September 17, 2011

Update on Christmas

I have spent to DATE : $120 dollars and I am WAY more than half way done.

I am finished shopping for my husband
I am finished shopping for my brother in law
AND I am finished shopping for my neices.

I am almost done shopping for my daughter. She is so much fun to shop for and I have found some great baragins.

One thing that I am TRYING to do better on is this:

Last year Ava had over 20 presents to open. Now in my defense I spent less than $100 dollars. But I don't want to her open that many gifts. Even if I get them super cheap, I don't want her to expect that much. It was overwhelming for her, and for me was hard to stop buying when I found such great deals. But I don't want to raise a spoiled child so I am trying to do better.

What about you? what is your progress on Christmas?

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Anna said...

I think you need to be my personal shopper! That is awesome that you are halfway done. I have one gift for my middle kids. It's a start, I guess. LOL!

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