Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Stopping the harassment

One thing that is VERY unfortunate when financial times get hard is the COLLECTION CALLS! They can be so annoying. And the collectors want their money (rightfully so), but they have no respect for time or days. I have heard of people getting collections calls late in the evenings and on Sundays! I understand that collectors need their money but they don't handle it properly. There are laws that protect you from getting these harassing calls.

If someone is calling you and using your first name and being ugly and talks to you about coming to your house to collect property to pay for your debt--then that is WAY to extreme and you must get that stopped.

You need to know how to stop collection calls. You need to know what your rights are and how to handle them properly. Why I do believe you have a duty to pay back the debt that you owe (to the best of your ability), I also believe that a person should always be treated with respect. Even when it comes to finances and financial obligations.

If someone is calling you to collect money and does not identify who they are with, you can fix this. If someone is threating you, you can fix this. You must know your rights. Handle it the best way that you can and be polite, but you have to protect yourself and your well being.

Visit today if you are experiencing harrasing phone calls that are damaging your life. Dealing with the debt is bad enough, you do not have to deal with harassment on top of it all!

Know your rights. Visit today to learn how to stop collection calls!

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