Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I'm not an advocate of borrowing from Peter to pay Paul...however, sometimes you have to do what you gotta do! And in the case that you do need to borrow some extra money, i have a good suggestion for you.
There are lots of payday loan options. You can go to a local payday loan store, or you can borrow money from a friend, or take an advance on your credit card, or dip into savings. You HAVE options. But let's look at them.
If you go for the advance on your credit card you are literally shooting yourself in the foot. You will pay through the roof interest on that and if you are already behind you will NEVER be able to catch up now.
If you borrow money from a friend then you will either pay them back, or not. But no matter if you intend to pay the money back or not, you KNOW that it will be totally weird between the two of you until the issue is resolved. You will either have the best friend ever that doesn't want you to worry about and its never brought up again---OR--you have the friend that will constantly be worried about every little dime. oh AND if you borrow money from a friend and you are working on paying her back but you stop off at Starbucks, or buy some new shoes... she will look at that as though you chose to do THAT over paying her back. Don't do that.
So it comes down to getting an easy payday loan. This is the only way to not have crazy interest amounts, not make a friend mad and not mess up your credit card bills.
Be sure and check out before you do anything!

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