Friday, August 31, 2012

Things that start with "M"

As usual, I want to do something different at Christmas to make it more fun and interesting :) My husband and I try to be creative every year and find a different theme. Last year we had to buy things that had been USED and we couldn't spend more than 50 bucks! It was actually a LOT of fun. It made shopping a challenge, but in a good way. (At least for me.. he will probably beg to differ)

This year we are going with the letter M. Our gifts HAVE to start with an M. And things like "men's shirts" don't count. It has to start with an ACTUAL M. Like a money tree. Or a massage. OR a Mercedes. :) And our budget is $100.

So ... here goes. Another fun season of Christmas shopping. Better get started. Time is running out :)

What are your plans for Christmas? Have you every tried anything to spice it up?!

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