Friday, August 31, 2012

I've said it before...

Weekends are budget BUSTERS! I know they are rolling around EVERY single week, but somehow they always sneak up on me and BUST my BUDGET!

It makes me so mad at myself because this is LACK of preparation on my part. From time to time we ALL fall off the wagon, so here's to getting back on track!

Here are some practical ways to not let the weekend bust your budget:

1. PLAN FOR IT! You know it's coming... plan for it. If you already have plans set in stone you are LESS likely to get off track and spend money you hadn't planned on spending.

2. Make a list of free things to do in your area! Museums, library, nature walks, local parks.. anything that you ALREADY have a pass to get into. My family has already paid for passes to Jump City, Mid America Science Museum AND Magic Springs. Plus we go to the library a lot. There should be NO reason why I blow my budget on the weekends.

3. Plan for non-free activities. If you know there is a moving coming up that you are going to want to go see, BUDGET for it. Set aside the money for the cost of tickets, popcorn and drinks. If you are planning a weekend get away trip... don't wait til THAT weekend to simply charge it all... save a long the way!

4. Have friends over, enjoy a weekend at your house, spring clean, get out decorations, come up with a craft you and your kids can do that ONLY involve things that you already have in your possession.

Make it fun... you will be GLAD you saved the money!

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