Friday, August 12, 2011

Ways to save on kids birthday parties

I love birthday parties. ESPECIALLY if they are for my daughter or for a friend's child. It's so fun to watch these kids glow like it's Christmas morning! BUT they can also be expensive. VERY expensive. It can cut into your budget before you know it. I have come up with a few simple ways to make it less expensive without sucking out the fun!

1. Book the party at a park. The fee is typically free or very minimal. And let's face LOVE parks!

2. Use a house with a pool! Ask a friend that has a pool if you can use it. Chances are they will say yes. Offer to cook them dinner in return, or house sit, or baby sit.

3. Hand deliver invitations. Typically the people you invite to a party are close by. So why not run the invitations by? Unless of course it would cost you more in gas to do that. You have to weigh it. :)

4. MAKE your own invitations. Let the kids help!

5. Give gently used books or toys as party favors. Let your child select something they no longer play with to give to each friend thats coming to the party!

6. Make your own cake or cupcakes. Easier said than done... I'm NOT a baker.

7. Forget all the fancy decorations! Get a bag of baloons, blow them up and let the kids run wild with them!

What are YOUR tips?

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