Sunday, August 7, 2011

More to say...

I must confess... I have MORE to say about Green Dot Credit Cards.I found a website called and its a great place to compare lots of different cards and see the benefits of each. I encourage you to check it out.

I personally have a Green Dot Credit Card that I load money to and I use this card for what i call "Blow money." If I want to run through Sonic and grab a coke, this is the card I use. If I need to run into walmart and grab mascara, this is the card I use. Now grantit for me, I uploaded $200 dollars to it about 7 months ago and there is still some on there. This card just allows me to have "Cash" ,if you will, since its so similar to cash but has more perks.

I also have one Mastercard that is an actual credit card that you charge things to. I try to charge at least 2 transactions a month, and I pay them off at the end of each month. This allows me to consistently get a "1" on my credit report without going into debt.

A lot of financial writers talk about living on cash. I am ALL for that! The point of living on cash is to not OVER spend! The point would be to go into the store with 50 bucks and leave having spent not a dime over. Their theory behind it is that if you have cash you can't overspend. True. I agree. BUT if you put that cash on a pre-paid card then it IS like spending cash with the flexiblity and ease that comes with swiping a card.

The pre paid card allows me to feel as though i'm spending cash since I have set the limit... not a company. With the perks of being able to order online (I used it to order a Christmas gift about a month ago) it feels like cash while allowing me to treat it like credit.

I encourage you to give the pre-paid card a shot just to at least SEE if it's for you!

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