Friday, August 12, 2011

Start spreading the news...

I wish I was leaving today... I want to be a part of it--NEW YORK NEW YORK!!!

I love that place. I will go back one day. I will, I will!!! I would love to visit there and I always dreamed of living there. Actually, in one of the books I am working on at the moment I have my main character placed IN New York! :)

Every day I look on where my views came from on this blog and i'm happy to see that I have some New  York readers. That makes me so happy! I have done lots of research on New York city. The cost of living, businesses that thrive there, etc. One thing that my husband and I have talked about before is what we would do if we ever lived there. He'd more than likely have a furniture store which means... he'd need an accountant. :)

LUCKILY, if we ever DO move there I know of the perfect place. Cohen Greve and Company, CPA is who we would use. You need to check out their website. And for those of you who live in New York and need a Forensic Accountant in New York this is THE place for you. Their website is great. You can browse through all of the services they offer which is actually quite a wide variety. They also have a section about things that are "in the news". Current events that effect YOU, and your money. Things like the home buyers credit, penalites, military exclusions. This is DEFINITLY a company that wants to keep their clients informed and in the know about EVERYTHING that effects their finances.If you own a business I would highly reccomend using them. Anything to do with your taxes can all be handled with Cohen Greve and Company. Until my husband bought the furniture store, I really didn't know exactly what all CPA's did. But it was during that time of transition into owning the store that I got a closer look at everything they do. You MUST have a CPA that you trust to be honest with you, and someone you can be honest with. To have a CPA that is open with you and so helpful in every way is a huge blessing. ESPECIALLY when you own a business or around tax time.

Take the time to browse their site. Even if you don't live in NY, they could be VERY helpful to you.

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