Saturday, May 26, 2012

Use your head

It happens. We ALL do it. We get sucked in!

"Spend $50 dollars and get $10 off your next purchase."

"Spend $25 and get 10 back TODAY"

"Buy 2, get the 3rd free"

"Rent two movies, get .50 off"

REALLY?Come on.. we MUST be smarter than this.

Let's look at them one by one.

1. If you have to spend more than you planned, to get "Free" money to come back and spend MORE, then it is NOT a deal. Bottom line. It's a way to get suckered in to spending more and coming back to spend more. Plain and simple.

2. This one is not too bad. IF, IF IF IF IF IF, you had already planned to go to (for example) Old Navy because you needed 2 pairs of pants that just happened to be on sale for 14.00 a piece, then THIS would be a great coupon or sales tactic. PERFECT! BUT, if you had NO plans of going shopping and were trying to avoid spending money, then you just got TOOK if you fell for this.

3. If you don't need 3 of something, then it's not a deal. And let's face it... unless its socks, underwear or tanktops... can't think of much that you would need 3 of.

4. Redbox gets me all the time with this mess. I only want ONE movie, but you will make me feel like I am getting SUCH a deal to rent 2. But i don't even have time to watch one, so i actually wasted .50. Darnit!

Be smart. You HAVE to know that most of these are gimics, right? I mean come on... this is to get you to spend more. you HAVE to be smarter than the stores and their marketing team. You MUST be if your financial portofilo is going to be thicker, better, and wiser than these stores take you for!


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