Monday, May 28, 2012

Trying something new...JUNE'S CHALLENGE

Like anyone, I get SUPER bored when things are always done the same way. I figure since these are MY rules, i'm allowed to change them.

I have lived by going to the grocery store once a month for the LONGEST time now. And it's worked very well for us. I have saved a lot of money by limiting my grocery store trips, adding coupons, and doing my "homework" before hitting the stores. But for the month of June I am going to try something new...

For the month of June I am going to take $20 dollars EVERY SINGLE WEEK to the grocery store. Hmm... what can I do with a $20?

Here's my plan...

1st week:

3 lbs of hamburger meat (average of $1.84 if I go to Kroger on Wednesday)=5.52
1 gallon of milk=3.50
1 loaf of bred=1.00
1 dozen eggs=2.00
2 bags frozen veggies=2.25
4 cans of veggies=2.00
bag of red potatoes=3.00


2nd week:

1 bag of chicken breats/strips=7.00
1 can rotel=.79
tortilla chips=2.00
toilet paper=4.00
1/2 gallon orange juice=1.79


3rd week:

FRUIT=10.00 (lots and lots)
hamburger meat=8.00


Haven't figured out the 4th week yet, but i'm working on it. Now keep in mind that up until JUNE I have ALWAYS purchased groceries on a once a month basis, with the few trips here and there for milk, bread, etc. SO, while it looks like I will hardly be buying anything you must understand that I STILL have quite the stock pile. I'd like to see how long I just add a small amount weekly and be ok. Without having to do a HUGE run. I would LOVE to see that I can go 2 months buying just $20 worth of groceries a week, and then every 3rd month doing a LARGE, stock pile kinda trip.

Here it goes! I'm excited to try it!

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