Thursday, February 23, 2012

Guest Post-- Parents: Money Saving Tips

Parents: Money Saving Tips

Life is expensive, and it gets even more expensive when children arrive into our lives.  Below you’ll find easy tips that’ll save you money without a hassle.

Cancel Your Cable/Satellite Subscriptions

The average American spends nearly $1,000 every year on their Cable TV or Satellite subscription; and internet bills increase on average by about 5 percent each year.  The simple fact is that there are alternatives to cable/satellite that’ll save you some serious dough, and here’s how.  First, buy products that will allow you to eliminate your expensive subscriptions.  Buy a digital converter, or multiple converters if you want, for your TV; these begin at around $30.  These will allow you to watch free, basic channels.  Next, buy a digital media receiver, like Apple TV, the Roku LT, or the Roku 2SX.  These are small receivers that you plug into your TV that allow you to access digital video streaming services like Hulu and Netflix, as well as movies or TV shows you buy online.  Note that Apple TV does not cooperate with Hulu at the moment.  Next, subscribe to Netflix and Hulu Plus.  Each service is $7.99 per month.  To give you an idea of the savings these alternatives will give you, let’s say your family has three TVs.  Here is what you’ll save over a three year period:

Savings Comparison: Alternative Entertainment V. Cable/Satellite

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
3 Year Total
Cable or Satellite
The Cheaper Alternative

Roku LT (3)

Digital Converter Box (3)

Netflix Subscription

Hulu Subscription

Total for the Year

Savings Over 3 Years By Switching to the Cheaper Alternative

As you can see, if you switch, you will realize savings in the first year alone, and over $2,000 over a three-year period.  Additionally, take into account that this chart is based on a home with three TVs and that the Roku series and Apple TVS are portable, so if you’re willing to transport it from room to room, you could easily only buy one for $60.

Make Your Own Cleaners

Making your own cleaners from home items is not only beneficial to your wallet, but also to yours and your children’s health.  Household items like white vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice are cheap alternatives to common cleaners.  For instance, a combination of vinegar and water makes a great all-purpose cleaner for counters and floors; due to vinegar’s acidity, it is a natural disinfectant.  The same combination can be used to clean windows and mirrors; if you look at the ingredients in a typical window cleaner, you’ll see that vinegar is one of the active ingredients.

Stop Buying Water Bottles

Water bottles contain the same water we get from the tap.  If you’re concerned about water purification, get a filter that fits on your kitchen sink or one of the jug filters.  If you need water on the go, buy reusable stainless-steel water bottles.  These alternatives will save you money on a product you could get for free from your kitchen sink.

Amber Paley is a guest poster bringing to parents easy ways to cut down on everyday costs.  Amber is a writer who has devoted her life to educating the public about the problems of elder abuse in the United States.  Though she does guest posts regularly, she also spends much of her time writing about <a href="">nursing home abuse lawyers</a>.

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