Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Couponing vs. Off brands

This is a debate I have within myself a LOT. Every Sunday when I get the paper and go through the coupons there are SO many that I throw away. Why? Because I KNOW the off brand is cheaper. I know that I can $ave more money by buying the stores brand vs. using the coupon and getting the brand name.

So what about you? What do YOU think?

I watch all of the extreme couponing shows and I KNOW that I am never going to get a haul like they do. But i have managed to save my family a TON of money by using coupons. Coupons are always for the name brand. BUT, even with that coupon in my hand that is not always the smartest move. There are plenty of times I opt to chunk my coupon at the checkout and grab the off brand.

One thing you HAVE to remember it's about SAVING MONEY! Not having a stock pile with only name brand items. It's about which saved you more. Do my legs REALLY know if I used skintimate or the equate brand? nope... last time I checked they could NOT tell. But my pocketbook CAN tell which one I bought.

Be smart about it... use coupons when it saves and use better judgment when it would save you more.


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