Monday, February 6, 2012

Budgeting...even in the small stuff.

In this economy everyone is needing to watch their spending. Families are trying to go from a two car family to a one car family. We as parents are spending less and less on birthday parties and on Christmas presents. Everyone is trying their hardest to save money. The problem that a LOT of people have (myself included) is knowing where the dollars go? where DO they go? It's as if every payday some little elf sneaks into my checkbook and makes SURE that I have no money left. I understand that in reality that does NOT happen (at least I HOPE it's not happening)... but something is. And it comes down to me not knowing where my money goes. Not keeping "Tabs" on it, i should say.

If you have noticed, even businesses are cutting down on their spending. Marketing budgets are being slashed down to much less than the year before. Expenses are being cut and at the same time prices are going up. This is a bad time for our economy... but there is hope.

If you are a small business owner and find yourself wondering where all of your profits have gone then I have some helpful information that you need to check into. Free budgeting software is available to you at This website is FREE, and is designed to help small business owners keep better tabs on their money. Use this website to be prepared with tax information. Don't wait until the LAST day to get it all in order. With you can work on it year round. You can keep your budget on this site. You can also view helpful ways to cut back and to save money so that YOU can enjoy the profit... not the little left that seems to take your money.

Check it out today. SUCH a helpful, and FREE, website.

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