Monday, January 9, 2012

My list of things to buy ....

My shopping ban is still going on. But as ALWAYS, i have exceptions...

#1--some new boots. I LOVE boots. ADORE boots, and i need some new ones. I want some really nice ones. not the cheap ones i usually buy. They would be on my list of things to buy less often if I bought NICE ones... so that's what I am going to do.

#2--Ava needs a new spring/summer wardrobe and it's never too early to start. I have set aside $150 dollars to buy her new clothes and shoes (gently used of course, or a really good bargain).

#3--I have to confess that over a year ago (almost 2 years now) I lost my wedding band. I know, TRAGIC! I had put my engagement ring and my wedding band in a bag as we were leaving the hotel. Well, I got home with my engagment ring but my wedding band had vanished. I promised Jere that since I lost it, I would replace it. So i would really like to save up and buy me one to replace it.  But of course, i will allow Jere to do something completely romantic to give it to me. :)

#4--laser hair removal. I am starting this VERY soon. This kind of a must do. I have ezcema and shaving is so painful. So i am beginning of the process of becoming hair-free :)

That's my list... What's on yours?

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