Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Have you checked it lately?

Occasionally I get on my soapbox. Okay, i do it OFTEN! It's just that I care so much about YOUR financial future, and MY financial future that it just happens naturally... jumping on the soapbox that is :)

Today I'm harping on constantly viewing your credit report for accuracy. I read Money magazine on a religious basis and you wouldn't believe the stories about how many times people are not faithful to check their credit reports and scores and when they finally do, there are mistakes made all over it. It's so important, and it's so easy. It's one of those easy things to do that make you a little crazy if you don't do it. :)

I personally have had to deal with a credit report issue. I blogged about this a while back but to refresh your memory...

A fraudulent charge was made on my Victoria's Secret credit card.
I hadn't been checking my report OR getting statements because I had moved.
When they finally got a hold of me the $11.67 fraudulent charge had accrued over $300 dollars in late fees, over the limit fees, etc.
It took me 4 months to get it fixed.
I had to write letters to every credit bureau reporting place.
i had to shed tears on the phone to get this fixed.
It finally did...

LESSON LEARNED: if I had been checking my credit report I would have not gone through all of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I learned a lesson the hard way (which is how i usually learn them unfortunately). you don't have to. It's simple now to check your credit report and to get a free credit score at your fingertips in SECONDS. it's so worth it. is the site to check out to take a look at your credit score, your report, and to begin your search to make sure that your credit history is accurate, so that your financial FUTURE will not be negatively affected.

it's simple, easy and FREE. get your score and report today at PLEASE! You will be so glad that you did.

Now off to another soapbox.... 

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