Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vacation on a budget?

I have been MIA from this blog for a while and I HATE that. I'm so sorry. I still see people clicking to read daily and I hate that I have nothing new here. Read HERE to catch up on all the chaos in my life!

Okay but I am back...even if its not with a handy coupon for you. :) I am planning a vacation. Jere and I have yet to go on a honeymoon. We have had a few weekend trips here and there but we haven't been on a big vacation in so long. We have been saving our money (because I am paying cash for this trip, and anymore trips from here on out.) and we want to go somewhere AWESOME.

I have $2500 dollars saved. Now that may sound like a lot but I CHALLENGE you to find an awesome vacation for less than that. I have looked at going...:

1. To Hawaii. I have family there that I could stay with. So all I'd need is plane tickets and some meals out. Hawaii is divine, and i'd love to see my family as well. That vacation (plane ride, meals, souvenirs, tours, etc) came out to $2500.

2. Cabo all inclusive resort. I LOVE CABO! It's one of my favs and was my initial place I thought of to go. It comes out to $2500 almost to the cent. That is airfare, food, drinks, the WORKS and we wouldn't need very much money for extra stuff b/c we have both been before and I don't need another t-shirt.

3. Gulf Shores. i have NEVER been. So I thought about renting a house for a week down there. Cook most meals in, and eat out at night. That one came out to about the same amount.

4. NYC. Jere has never been and LORD knows it's my favorite place ever. That trip came out to the same amount BEFORE buying tickets to a show... so it would actually be a tad bit more.

5. Disney world. I considered going ahead and taking Ava and enjoying a week in a fairy tale land... that trip came out to a tad bit more than $2500 as well.

6. a Cruise. I have never been on one and I am TERRIFIED of getting sea sick... I get sooooo car sick and I just worry that I couldn't do it. But all in all that one is probably the best value.

Where else am i missing? How can I do a terrific vaca on my budget?

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