Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Financial ups and downs

There are times that I am SO glad that I don't have much money to manage. Although there are times that I retract that statement... i'd give anything to have money to manage. :) it's a catch 22. If you don't have money all you can think about is getting money. If you DO have money (i'm talking LOTS of it) then you have to decide how BEST to manage it. Each person in the world has some type of financial goal. Whether it is buying that first home, a teenager saving money for a prom dress, a 7 year old saving their allowance for the upcoming fair....everyone has some type of goal. And for some, it may simply be the goal of paying bills this month.

What about this individuals and companies that have LOTS of money to manage. Lots of people deal with corporate finance issues every single day.  I have ran across a company that quotes THIS as their mission statement.

"Our mission is to help individuals and corporations to determine and achieve their financial and fund raising goals through a comprehensive financial planning process. "

This seems pretty cut and dry and shows me that they have a mission, a goal, a plan and when it comes to MY money I need a person or company that I can trust.

If you or someone you know is needing help with financial goals and wants a trustworthy company, please forward them this blog. Or visit globalprivategroup.com

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