Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I'm so mad that I am writing this blog in black, bold, big letters. I blew my budget for the month. And I don't have anything super fabulous to show for it!

I blew my budget because of LACK OF PLANNING! I am so irritated at myself. :(

We live in the county and we have to PAY for trash pick up which is so dumb, but we do. Well we have had problems with that bill since we moved into our old place last July. We moved in and had lived there 2 days when we got a bill for the past 90 days and it was for $90 dollars. It's around 30 bucks a month. I called and was like "WAIT A SEC... I can't owe for the past 90 days if I have lived here for 2." She tried to explain that the trash pick up doesn't necessarily follow the person but the location. Well, I have two letters to say to that and the first letter is B. That is not even right. So they prorated it whatever and it was lower. But not enough lower. So i told her that I would pay what I felt was right. I would pay my 30 bucks a month starting from the day I moved in. And that's what I have done. But because of that we have been behind. They had been tacking on late fees and i'd still call and gripe about it.... the bill was NEVER the same amount and the dates of service were always screwy. so I just kept sending in my money and never thought much about it.

now it's time to pay taxes. you can't pay taxes if you have a deliquent trash bill. I shouldn't have one, but I do. So i said fine i'll come pay it. It was $176.99. I had her pull up every single bill, every single check I had sent and because I never paid that first 90 dollars they said I owed, plus the fees, plus the month in there that I forgot to pay... that is what I owed. I couldn't refuse to pay it because I couldn't pay my taxes until it was taken care of.

So yesterday i paid $180 in trash bills and $100 in taxes. i am so mad. Not happy about that at all.

I may never get over this....

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