Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Purchasing my fall June?

You heard my right!! I am already beginning my search for my fall wardrobe!! Now is the PERFECT time!

yesterday I had a few spare minutes so I ran down the road to a consignment shop that I don't often visit but for some reason yesterday I do!

Of COURSE when you walk in the door there is all kinds of adoreable summer dresses, tops, shorts, and sandles...but I headed for the back. And guess what I discovered?? I think its fair to say that 99% of their fall/winter stuff was half price!!! Here's the unfortunate part... I found nothing. :) BUT the best part is that the time I LOVE has arrived!!

Consignment shops as a general rule do not start taking next seasons items until about 30 days before. So this is prime time to buy those leftover fall/winter items from last year!!

Before you start looking for fall/winter items you need to....:

*Take inventory of what you already have
*Try EVERYTHING on (i know it stinks, but it's a must)
*Make a list of what you have(not individual shirts but write down how many long sleeved shirts you have total, how many black pants, black boots, etc.)
*THEN decide what you DO need. You may discover that you need nothing and that would be GREAT! :) But if you do realize you need something it's time to start looking.

I discovered that I do not own khaki pants. I know that's a STAPLE item...but i do not have a single pair so that is the FIRST thing I put on my list. I also looked at my sad little black boots and realized they have run their course... so that's yet another item on my list.

What about you? What is on your list?

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Rolled Up Pretty and Cut Off Thoughts said...

Great ideas! It seriously is so smart to do this because it's way cheaper! I just saw that you followed my blog, you are so awesome and made my day! I am totally following yours as well, your blog is adorable. Have a great day Cara!

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