Monday, June 20, 2011


I love it when YAHOO posts awesome articles. Not those silly ones about how to save money... I think the posts about how if we cut down on our cell phone bill and lower our cable have been COMPLETELY over done!

Anyway--this one is a good one and though you may have already seen it, well, I am posting it anyway :)


What are your thoughts?


melissa said...

Thanks for your comment and follow. I followed too. I could always use some financial tips! But yea I really enjoy doing all the blogging challenges out there. Gives me an excuse to do a post when I'm a little burnt out for ideas of my own. Another fun challenge I'm working on is a 30 days to better blog on

But I love articles like this! It makes the people who already break those rules feel better for breaking them lol.

melissa said...

Oh and I forgot to answer your question! I wish I was awesome enough to come up with these questions...I found them on this blog here

And then you just gotta search for them through her blog

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