Friday, March 15, 2013

Taking advantage of what you already have!

I realize that these will be different for EVERY PERSON. But think about benefits that you already have. 

1. health insurance. Could you save money by switching to your spouses plan or by getting on separate plans? Look for savings here.

2. Car insurance. Is there ANYTHING you can drop? Do you really need the rental insurance? 

3. Does your company offer gym memberships for free or cheap? You could ditch your current one and go cheaper!

4. Does your company offer discounts on cell phones and packages? I have had that happen before. You may check into that.

5. Does your company pay mileage? Find out! This could be HUGE!

6. Should you shop around for a lower interest rate on credit cards, home loans, car loans? On the car loan thing... I didn't know it was possible to re-finance a vehicle... but it IS! Check into it! You may have gotten a loan several years ago and now your credit would warrant a much lower rate. Happened to me just YESTERDAY! 

7. Do you have old gift cards sitting around with small balances? Check that out! You would be surprised how many times a card has several dollars left!

8. Has your bank started offering new things? Maybe free checks, free bill pay--it would be worth checking into!

Look around you... what benefits could you find on your OWN!? Maybe even things you already have at your disposal and didn't know about it! 

Happy saving!

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