Friday, March 15, 2013

Name 3 things

Name THREE things that you can do without for 60 days and GO FOR IT!

Gym membership, bottled water, going out to eat, that EXTRA SUPER DUPER cable package, unlimited texting, the extra trips across town... whatever it may be... Name 3 things and go for it!


1. Eating out. We rarely eat out anyway but when we do we tend to go cheap. We drink water, we try to share plates or eat early to get the "early bird" discount. Or we clip coupons and take with us. BUT, for 60 days we are saying NO to eating out.

2. The afternoon munchies! Well, I can't do without getting the munchies but I CAN say NO to running and grabbing a Sonic drink or a bag of chips. all it will take me is getting up 3 extra minutes to prepare for my afternoon snack.

3. Tanning lotion. Sounds silly but the one I like is $75 dollars. I know, I know... RIDICULOUS! BUT, I tan for free because of my job. And I can pick any bed so I pick the bed that would cost me nearly $100 dollars a month. So already I feel like I am saving money but I can say NO to tanning lotion. :) even though I love it...

I'll see you back here in 60 days to talk about the savings! 

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