Monday, April 1, 2013

A huge money mistake

It is with a sick knot in my stomach that I type this. I have been making a HUGE money mistake and I didn't even realize it!

Let me give you a little back story... we are taking a beatin' from Verizon EVERY month. We pay WAYYYY too much for their services. In all honesty, it's ridiculous and makes me sick at my stomach. We can't get internet where we live so we rely on our phones way more than we should. in fact, our phones become "hot spots" so that I can do homework online. So basically our phones are a necessity since we cannot get internet otherwise. But OMG we are paying $227 a month for 2 phones. Can you believe it? Yep- I JUST said that amount outloud.

Okay so this weekend I was going over bills and stuff and I was like "ya know what! I have had it with this company!" We are under contract, BIG MISTAKE, and so I know that I have to stick with them for a while but in the mean time I was going to see what I could do to lower it. Even if it was just a few dollars.

Not to be disrespectful, but I try to use the "Chat" option with most companies when I can. Otherwise I get a person on the line that I cannot understand, and they rarely can understand me when I talk. Apparently my accent is thick. Anyway... I was chatting with this Verizon support person asking for HELP on lowering my bill. She immediately came back and said that the plan I was on was the best considering the amount of internet usage we go through every month BUT she said I could cancel the insurance on the iPhones. That would save me $20 bucks. So then i'm like WHAT? I am paying 20 bucks a month for insurance? So then I hop on apple's website and find out that I am paying for insurance, but my deductibles are still 100 if I had to use the insurance. WHAT A WASTE? I could buy an iPhone on ebay cheaper than what I pay to "protect" this one?

So mad at myself. I cannot believe I have been wasting money like that. Check into it! Insurance is a must have, and with phones as expensive as they are I GET it. But weigh it out... if you are paying enough in a year to buy a new phone, OR if your deductible is so high that you'd be better off to buy a refurbed phone for less money--then you MIGHT be paying too much for insurance!

Whew.. so glad that ordeal is over with. Now... what am I gonna spend my extra $20 on each month?!?! :)

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