Monday, June 4, 2012


I am back on FULL TIME envelope system at the Matthews household! And I am so pumped. I forgot how much i MISSED using envelopes. Sounds silly, but it's so true.

I save SO much money when I spend cash. I hate handing over those crisp bills... I want to KEEP them. But swiping the card i like no biggy... Well, it's back and I am so happy!

Read more about the envelope system for yourself HERE!

It's very simple. I will say that it was somewhat tricky getting started. You try to plan and budget and get your numbers exactly right. That takes some time. Fortunately, i had done it for years before so getting started back wasn't as difficult as it was the first time.

Some people use jars. That could be fun as well. Just harder to hide in your house :)

If you are creative you could spice it up and make this a fun, crafty, cutesy thing to do as well!

Mine look more like this...

I know, i know... i'm boring! But it works.

Everyone uses different categories. I personally use:
**This would be anything purchased at Kroger, Walgreens, Walmart etc that was related to food, or to shampoo-makeup-toothpaste-etc.

#2- Clothing
**I think one is self explanitory :)

#3- Summer fund
**This includes money I save for Ava's camp, for swim lessons, for a weekend getaway... anything pertaining to summer fun goes in this envelope!

**Boo on this one! :( i hate how much gas costs. BUT, at least I can pay cash for it!

to each his own--we all need money for different things. I did not create a "Fun" or "Entertainment" one just yet. Right now we are going to focus on fun things in the summer and saving money. Once this money is gone, it's gone. And that is that.

If you have any questions about the envelope system feel free to drop me a line!

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Dustin Davis said...

I really like you fun money envelope :) I wrote a post recently on why I think that category is so important:

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