Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Goodwill finds :)

It feels like it's been FOREVER since I posted some Goodwill finds. Actually, I have gotten more at the Salvation Army lately.

Since I am NOT employed at the moment it is VERY hard to NOT go out and shop. That would be the super easy thing to do. I get bored, I don't want to sit and watch tv all day, my house couldn't BE any cleaner... how much FUN would it be to just go shop. It's like the broker I am, the more old habits of shopping to make me happy come up. Weird. 

I have avoided that at ALL costs, and with the exception of Goodwill, crafting supplies, and consignment shopping (using the money that I had already there for selling previous items), I have managed to do well. BUT, I can safely say that Pinterest has taken over my life. And I LOVE it :)

First, let's get to the Goodwill/Salvation Army finds. 

I got Ava a camo jacket. I KNOW that this will not be a jacket she wears to school, or out looking at Christmas lights or what-not, but we live in the COUNTRY! She is outside ALL the time. Riding 4-wheelers, chasing the dogs, hunting for rabbits... she is ALWAYS outdoors. She needed a good coat just for things like playing. And camo--that was just an added bonus! As her mother it's my job to teach her the importance of "looking the part." So now, she wears camo :) Remington jacket retails at $89. I paid $3. Score.

Nike pullover and a Columbia pullover. GREAT condition. $3 each.  (these are for the hubs)

Cute sweater for my hubs. $3. Granted, it's from Old Navy so it probably wasn't MUCH more than that to begin with... but he would never have bought this for himself. And I liked it, so I bought it. :)

Now let's talk about the craft bargains. This week I bought 4 bulletin boards, 18 picture frames of all different sizes, Christmas glasses,chalkboard paint, and hot glue gun sticks. I paid $22 bucks... out of pocket. SCORE! And those bulletin boards at Walmart are expensive!!!! So I felt super proud of that bargain! 

Stay tuned to more follow ups from the projects! :)

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